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This page will produce a chart showing the starting and ending times of the elemental tides from one day to the next, for any location on earth. To use it, you need to tell us what day you want the tides for and where you are. For the given day, you need to tell us whether daylight savings time is in effect or not, and whether you want your display in 24-hour clock time or formatted as AM/PM.

We're very liberal in what we accept as your location, since we use Google to figure out where it is: you can type in as much of the address as you choose, but do check the displayed address in the result to see where we thought you meant. For location, you can type in your exact address if you like, but do enter at least city and state. If you abbreviate the state, such as "CA" for California, it can also be helpful to specify "USA", as the search engine sometimes takes city+state to be in some other country.

We're in Berkeley, California, so that's where the defaults are.

Please note: we let you type in a year to make you feel good, but our data source does not use that year in its calculations. We get sunrise and sunset times from earthtools.org, so our data is only as good as they give us. To them, the sun rises on January 1 every year at the same time. You and I know that the earth's orbit precesses. So do they. They don't care. If you try to get the time of sunrise on Jesus' birthday, you will get a bogus result. Life is sometimes like that. Also, you will probably not get useful results if you enter bizarre dates such as "99 August 0000". Life is sometimes like that.

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